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As a representative of District 12, I will seek out what matters most to people of of our District and work with leaders of the several communities to address those concerns at the local and state levels.  I will work with all key stakeholders to find responsible, efficient, and good solutions for all Utahns.  I will work to find common ground solutions with all involved, regardless of political affiliation.  Because I am not a member of either major party, I am uniquely positioned to work with all involved to solve the most pressing issues in our state without the pressure to adhere to a party position.


I care very deeply about creating an education system where parents can be assured that their students are receiving a quality education, students feel safe and able to achieve high expectations, and where teachers feel valued and appreciated,  As a teacher, I have a unique perspective that will enable me to meet with all 3 entities to ensure we pursue meaningful legislation to ensure that we create the best education system in the nation.  We can do this by pursuing legislation that will recruit and retain quality educators, help students learn and master essential content that will help them become successful in their chosen profession, and will arm parents with important resources that will help them support their children in their pursuit of academic excellence.

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In the classes I teach at school, I have my students discuss the many diverse and controversial topics that are associated with our government.  They deftly discuss a wide range of issues and they do so passionately and with civility.  They have mastered what many in our political climate have not and that is the ability to disagree on issues and policy without attacking one another.  As your representative, I will have meaningful conversations with everyone, including those that may oppose my position on the issues, in order to have successful resolutions of the issues that impact their lives. I will bring honor, dignity, and civility to our quest to find solutions that will benefit us all.


People have come to the Beehive state for various jobs and that has resulted in unprecedented growth in our state.  How do we maintain this growth and also allow for families to remain here for generations to come?  I believe in a concept called responsible growth wherein we look at our infrastructure and be proactive in building support systems to our communities that allow each city and town to be able to welcome this growth.   We can do this by ensuring that families have safe and affordable homes to live in.  This does not mean that we look at only high-density housing options, but we can also consider other moderate income housing plans to help ordinary families live in safe housing that meets their budgets.  It also means creating better roads and public transportation to accommodate this growth, and helping towns and communities continue to be able to support its residents.


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