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I am a husband and a proud foster and adoptive dad.  I have been married to my wife, Sara, for 15 years.  We were able to adopt our now 11-year-old daughter.  In addition to raising our daughter, we have been able to help raise 5 other children, including 3 through foster care.


I received a Bachelor's of Science degree in History with a minor in English from Southern Utah University.  I also received a Master's Degree in Exercise and Sport Studies from Smith College in Northampton, MA.  I have utilized both of these degrees as I have taught and coached for 12 years.  

Why Are You Running?

I want to be a true representative of the people I represent as well as help bridge the political divide that currently exists in our country and our state.  I want to build coalitions that address the major problems that we face in our state to find solutions that are good for all Utahns and that enable all of us to thrive in our communities.

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Meet Shawn: Bio
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